Asha Kumawat & Company

     We provide full fledged corporate Taxation Advisory services, including tax planning. As already is known that Indian Taxation Laws are very complicated, expert advise is required on each step. With a regular retainer ship  services from Asha Kumawat & Company, you can see the difference in terms of lower compliance cost and  other penal costs which are otherwise unavoidable. We take care of all your corporate tax needs by assisting you in:

Calculation of Advance Tax and self assessment tax.
Advising and Assisting in Deposition of taxes to avoid huge interest penalties.
TDS withholding and deposition system on a timely basis to avoid the penal costs.
Issuing required forms within the prescribed time frames.
Regular Assessments.
Litigation assistance.
Counseling with Tax Authorities.

For individual taxation we assist you in below manner:

Computing total income
Checking all available deductions provided under income tax act
Dealing with Capital Gain taxes and advising on tax planning
Calculation of Advance Tax and self assessment tax
Helping in scrutiny cases
Counseling and appearing before tax authorities